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If you are bothered by vertical lines between the brows, crow’s feet, forehead lines, or other wrinkles, you may be a candidate for BOTOX or Dysport. Years of smiling, frowning, squinting, and other facial expressions can cause lines to form around the eyes, mouth, and brow. The injections that relax the muscles used to make those expressions allow the skin to become smoother, leaving you looking youthful and refreshed.  

At Omaha Face, we focus on results that look completely natural.

At Omaha Face, we specialize in cosmetic facial procedures. Dr. John Harbison is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon. In our private, boutique practice, you will receive treatment individually tailored for you. Our injectors are certified and will create a smoothing effect that appears entirely natural.

Do BOTOX injections hurt?

This treatment is done in our private boutique center and takes only 30 minutes or less. No anesthetic is needed. There is virtually no downtime and very few restrictions. The smoothing effect is noticeable in less than a week. It will take two to three days for the toxin to take effect and several more for the associated wrinkles to fade. You can expect results to last for approximately three months on average, although duration varies, depending on your unique metabolism and genetics.

Are BOTOX and Dysport safe?

As with all medical procedures, there are associated complications. For this reason, it is important to see an experienced, qualified injector to help achieve your best results without running into problems. Complications can include ptosis (droopy upper eyelids), asymmetries, peaked and unnatural eyebrows, difficulty swallowing, and double vision, among others.

BOTOX & Dysport FAQs

What issues can be treated with BOTOX or Dysport injections?

BOTOX and Dysport can be injected to resolve a range of facial issues. These products smooth away wrinkles and lines, including:

  • Frown lines between the eyes
  • Forehead creases
  • Crow's feet
  • lip lines
  • Chin dimples (peau d’orange)
  • Smoothing an aging neck: These injections can reduce the visible neck bands that can appear with age.
  • Facial contouring: The injections can reduce the look of overdeveloped masseter muscles that can contribute to a bottom-heavy or boxy facial appearance.
  • Neferiti lift: Careful injections to the muscles that depress the jawline and mouth can result in a smoother, younger jawline.

BOTOX, Dysport, Xeomin -- Are they different?

There are several different botulinum toxins available in the USA. Their mechanism of action and results (when used correctly) are comparable. They differ in their molecular makeup, potency, and effective dose needed to treat any given area. Some patients report better responses to different products. The most important factor is that your physician is comfortable with the injected product and achieves the look you want – never an unnatural, frozen look.

What is the cost per unit for BOTOX and Dysport?

  • Botox $12
  • Dysport $4

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After your injections: The rules.

You should not do certain things for a day or two after botulinum toxin injections to prevent problems and to help ensure best results. Things to avoid include:

  • Rubbing, scratching, or massaging injected areas: This could cause the botulinum toxin to migrate to other parts of your face. Avoid touching the treated areas entirely to prevent irritation that could contribute to swelling, bruising, and other side effects.
  • Vigorous exercise: Avoid strenuous physical activity for 24 hours after BOTOX or Dysport injections, as it could increase swelling or cause toxin migration.
  • Lying down or bending over: Keep your upper body upright for several hours after treatment to help prevent swelling and migration. Wait until bedtime to lie down if you can.
  • Smoking: Do not smoke for at least 24 to 48 hours after BOTOX or Dysport injections.
  • Taking NSAIDs: Do not take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) for a few days after your injections. This includes Advil, Motrin, and Aleve. This type of drug can thin the blood and cause bruising at the injection sites. 

Omaha Face: Experience matters.

At our practice we pride ourselves on unparalleled experience and expertise. In addition to significant personal experience, Dr. Harbison has served as an educator on a national level to instruct physicians and nurse injectors on best injecting practices. Your face will be in the hands of a true expert.

Omaha Facial Plastic Surgery & Medspa

No worries about recovery time.

There is no recovery time with BOTOX or Dysport injections. You are free to return to your normal activities in a few hours. You may experience minor tingling, numbness, swelling, or bruising around the injection sites. These side effects should only last a few hours. 

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