Custom jaw reshaping surgery

This procedure is performed to narrow the jawline. It is a custom surgery to reshape the angles of the jawline to create a more attractive, refined, feminine, V-line shape. 

Imagine a youthful, refined jawline

Are you frustrated with the natural appearance of your profile? Do you wish you could remove fat beneath or around the jaw area, or remove sagging jowls?

If so, jawline surgery may be for you. This procedure offers a range of benefits if you are unhappy with the current appearance of your jawline or upper neck. You can explore the unique benefits of this surgical procedure during a consultation with Dr. Harbison at Omaha Face in Omaha, NE.

The premier jawline refinement surgeon in Omaha, Dr. John Harbison.

Dr. John Harbison is an expert, specialized, double board-certified plastic surgeon, with a five-star rating on RealSelf. Our private, boutique practice offers customized treatment plans and a state-of-the-art, AAAASF accredited surgical facility.

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What is the surgery like?

  • Jawline surgery is performed in the comfort of our surgery center in Omaha, NE.
  • The procedure is often done with the assistance of anesthesia. 
  • Incisions are carefully made along specific areas of the jawline. 
  • This allows for removal of excess fat, lifting and tightening of the skin, removal of excess skin, tightening of weakened muscles to restore a youthful, defined jawline. 
  • The specifics of your jawline procedure will vary according to your anatomy and treatment goals.

How long will it take to recover? Will I need time off work?

With jawline surgery, it is important to allow yourself plenty of time to heal. There will be some downtime, and you may be provided with special bandages or garments to wear to promote optimal healing. Our professional staff will provide you with all the essential information you need to prepare for and recover from this procedure and are always available to offer guidance.

Jawline Surgery FAQ

What causes a poorly defined jawline?

Many factors can contribute to lack of definition in the jawline. The two most common factors are aging and genetics. If you are overweight, diet and exercise may help. If you are at a healthy weight, there is little you can do to improve jawline definition on your own.

Why have jawline surgery?

The jawline is notoriously difficult to target with diet and exercise alone. Changes in bone mass that come with aging can weaken the jawline, while fat stores in that area can give your face a jowly look. Jawline surgery may be used to address signs of aging and more.

When will I see results, and how long will they last?

Results achieved with jawline surgery are intended to be long-lasting, but they can vary from person to person and with each custom treatment. Best results are enjoyed once the healing process is complete, when all swelling and bruising have subsided.

How do I know if jawline surgery is right for me?

To ensure this surgical procedure is a good fit for you and your goals, it is important to have a consultation. We will discuss your health, concerns, and goals for treatment. This will all be used to develop your personalized plan for treatment.

Meet with us at Omaha Face

Interested in learning more about how a surgical procedure may be able to help you achieve the slimmer profile you desire? Contact us today at Omaha Face and schedule your consultation to learn more about jawline surgery. Dr. John Harbison and his professional staff proudly serve you from Omaha, NE. Discover the diverse benefits of this surgical procedure today!

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