What is a facelift revision? How does it work?

Older facelifting techniques did not address the underlying facial tissues, and the results often faded far sooner than expected – or created an unnatural, pulled appearance. A revision facelift is a customized procedure, and the surgical techniques employed by Dr. Harbison will reflect your particular condition.

Facelift revision surgery done right: Omaha Face

If you have taken the step to have a facelift and were disappointed to see a poor result, it is devastating. A revision facelift can be performed at Omaha Face to help you achieve a more elegant, natural, lovely result. The aesthetic issues that can be corrected with a custom revision facelift include:

  • Asymmetry
  • Facial distortion
  • Face appears tight, pulled, and unnatural
  • Results of an earlier facelift have faded
  • Sunken appearance below the eyes
  • Earlobe is displaced
  • Eyelid pulled down
  • Neck or jaw deformities
  • Visible unsightly incision scars
  • Refresh a prior facelift

Why choose Dr. Harbison at Omaha Face?

Not all plastic surgeons focus strictly on the face and neck. Dr. Harbison is a double board-certified facial specialist who performs only face and neck procedures – and uses the most advanced techniques in every surgery. Your facelift revision will be customized just for you, as are all the facial surgeries at Omaha Face. 

Every member of our team at Omaha Face focuses on ensuring you experience a stress-free journey, from your first consultation with us, through to your recovery. Facelift surgery is among the most frequently performed surgeries at our practice. Dr. Harbison’s experience, knowledge, and surgical techniques are the foundation of his success in revision facelift surgeries. We invite you to discover our private, boutique clinic, where you can expect personalized care, privacy, and results that can only be achieved by a surgeon who is deeply familiar with the latest advances in technique. 

What is the recovery time?

Your revision facelift is customized, and the recovery times can vary. Generally, you can expect a few weeks of recovery time, with some swelling and bruising, which fades away within a few weeks. 

Every person is different in what will be needed to correct uneven results, an overly tight facial appearance, or problems appearing at the upper neck or jaw. The recovery time is similar to what you experienced after your first surgery. One difference is that when you are under the care of our team at Omaha Face, we will be closely monitoring every phase of your recovery, and the support we provide during healing makes a difference in the speed of your recovery.

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