Look younger, refreshed, and approachable with a brow lift.

Patients who are concerned about a heavy, tired appearance caused by a low-set eyebrow are great candidates for a brow lift. Sagging eyebrows may be congenital, traumatic, or occur with aging, with the eyebrows drifting lower and lower. An understanding of the ideal brow position is the first step in the surgical planning for a custom brow lift. 

  • Brow lift for men: In men, the ideal eyebrow is right along the superior orbital rim (upper edge of the eye socket) and has an even, subtle arch.
  • Brow lift for women: In women, the ideal eyebrow position is slightly above the orbital rim and has a natural peak a bit laterally. Shape, position, and hairline are all carefully evaluated when planning your surgery.

What is the surgery like to experience?

There are many techniques used to elevate the brow. The best type for you depends on several factors. The common brow lift techniques include:

  • Endoscopic brow lift:  This is the most common brow lift performed by Dr. Harbison at Omaha Face. Very small incisions are placed in the hairline, and as the incisions are minimal, this approach leads to less risk of forehead numbness, bleeding, and scarring when compared to some of the other methods. This technique is excellent for patients with a full hairline and normal-to-short forehead height.
  • Lateral brow lift: This technique is similar to an endoscopic lift but with less work performed at the mid-forehead. It is ideal for patients who want a minimally-invasive procedure and wish to lift the eyebrow peak.
  • Classic brow lift:  The traditional brow lift involves an incision just behind the hairline and can obtain a dramatic and predictable lifting of the brow. This technique may be appropriate for those with a very heavy, hanging brow. A trichophytic brow lift is a variation of this technique better suited for patients with a high forehead.
  • Direct brow lift: This technique involves small incisions near the brow, often concealed in a forehead wrinkle. With this technique, a small strip of skin is removed, and the brows are raised and suspended in a more attractive position. This approach is often the best choice for male patients or those with thinning hair who want to avoid visible surgical scars.

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Is the recovery easy?

The recovery depends on the specific procedure but is generally relatively well-tolerated with just mild swelling and bruising. It is mostly resolved within a few days to a week. All sutures are removed in six to seven days. Results will be noticeable immediately following your surgery but may take several weeks to achieve the final look.

Omaha Face: Precision and technique mean better results.

If you are considering a brow lift, you want to be confident that the results will appear refreshed and natural – not a surprised or overdone look. Dr. Harbison is our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon. His extensive training and experience allow him to perform several types of brow lift procedures, and he will choose the best approach for you.

He is an expert, specialized facial plastic surgeon with a private boutique practice, offering customized treatment plans. We care for our patients throughout the entire process, from soothing pre-surgery jitters to guiding you throughout your recovery. Your brow lift will be performed in our state-of-the-art, AAAASF accredited surgical facility, with the highest standards and equipment for patient health and safety.

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