What Is Hairline Advancement?

Hairline advancement is a diverse cosmetic surgical procedure. This procedure may be performed to reduce the effects of hair loss by moving the natural hairline forward.

It may also be beneficial for those who are unhappy with the size of their forehead. By moving the natural hairline forward, this can reduce the size of the forehead. In some cases, a brow lift may be recommended as an additional and complementary procedure.

What Could I Expect from this Surgical Procedure?

Hairline advancement procedures are performed with the use of anesthesia to ensure maximum comfort throughout the process. An incision is carefully made to allow for the manipulation of the skin and tissues in the scalp area. The hairline is moved forward in a way that repositions the hairline and reduces the size of the forehead. Excess skin may be removed, and incisions are closed.

While hairline advancement is a surgical procedure, it is most often performed as an outpatient procedure. However, the procedure requires careful attention to detail and can require a few hours. It is also imperative to allow yourself plenty of time to heal and recover from the process. Our professionals will ensure you are provided with all the information you need to properly prepare for and recover from this surgery. If you would like to view our comprehensive patient instructions.

Results achieved with hairline advancement will vary for each person and their specific goals. It is important to allow plenty of time for any bruising or swelling to subside before the best results to be visible. Within six months, natural hair growth in the area resumes to ensure natural looking results.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Hairline advancement is a surgical procedure that may be performed for both men and women. Most generally healthy adults who are frustrated with a receding hairline or a larger forehead may be able to benefit from this treatment. It is important to approach treatment with realistic goals and expectations for the process.

A consultation with Dr. Harbison in Omaha is essential to help determine if this procedure is right for you. He will discuss your medical history, analyze the treatment area, and review your goals for the procedure. This will all be used to develop your customized treatment plan.

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