I highly recommend Dr. Harbison for facial aesthetics. He answered all my questions and [made] me feel at ease, he is personable and well-skilled. Having driven 4.5 hours, I have seen him twice and both were great experiences.


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Why Choose our Medical Spa in Omaha?

Many of your aesthetic goals can be achieved without surgery or invasive procedures. That is what Omaha Face Med Spa is designed to provide, offering state-of-the-art treatments and the newest technological advances available in the cosmetic field. Step into a welcoming, modern environment that centers around you. Omaha Face Med Spa is overseen by a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. John Harbison, who is widely recognized as the premier facial plastic surgeon in Omaha and beyond. You deserve the very best, including personalized care, highly trained staff, and incredible outcomes that give you a natural, attractive, and fresh appearance, all without surgery. We are proud to provide you with first-class service and outstanding results at Omaha Face Med Spa.

Cosmetic Injectables

Refresh, shape, and sculpt your face with injectables, a short and easy treatment that can be done during your lunch break. Injectables range from enhancing a youthful appearance by firming and tightening the skin to sculpting and shaping your facial features.

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First Time BOTOX Demonstration With Dr. Harbison

Facial Rejuvenation

Fight back against loose or sagging skin with a variety of treatments that will rejuvenate your features and give you a youthful, fresh appearance. From microneedling to dermaplaning to laser treatments, we use the most advanced technological breakthrough treatments and devices to turn back the clock and restore your firm, attractive features.

Results speak for themselves.

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Vein Treatment

With the ClearScan Yag system, we offer customized vein treatments to remove unwanted visible veins, vascular lesions, redness, and hyperpigmentation concerns. The ClearScan Yag system is a non-ablative therapy that treats visible veins and makes them disappear while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. Even your skin tone and increase your confidence with ClearScan.

MedSpa Prices

At Omaha Face Med Spa, we strive to achieve affordable prices for your med spa treatments. Many non-surgical options require follow-ups or touch-ups to ensure the results continue to be stellar. We want you to be able to plan and predict your payments as we lay out your treatment plan and help you on your journey toward your aesthetic goals.

We are now able to use these new products to restore volume in deficient areas such as the lips, nasolabial folds, or dark circles under the eye. Additionally, we offer new injectable medications that can help melt fat under the chin. Read more about injectable treatments.

Laser therapies can remove sunspots, fine lines/wrinkles, moles, facial veins, and even fat under the chin. 

This is done in the clinic and it usually takes under an hour. Read more about individual treatments. Taking care of your skin after treatments can play a vital role in maximizing your results. From UV protection to maximizing collagen within the skin, a proper skincare regimen can help fight aging changes. Ask us about our Revision, SkinMedica, and ZO products.

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