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As we age, our skin and underlying tissues lose elasticity and begin to show lines, creases, jowls, saggy neck tissues, or a double chin. A facelift is an outpatient surgical procedure designed to elevate and tighten face and neck tissues that have fallen and loosened over time. There are many variations of a facelift which range from a minimal incision for a subtle change to a more extensive procedure to achieve a more dramatic restoration. 

You’ll love how you look after a custom facelift: Young, fresh, and natural.

You deserve to look as young as you feel, and we can help. Dr. Harbison will meet with you privately to discuss your concerns and what you hope to achieve in facial rejuvenation. 

Every facelift he performs is customized and can restore any of the following signs of aging:

  • Platysmal banding (neck muscle bands)
  • Submental fat and skin laxity (turkey neck)
  • Jowling, or excess skin along the jawline
  • Deep nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Loss of youthful definition at the jawline

Who is a candidate for a facelift?

If you suffer from the signs of aging skin on your mid to lower face and neck, have excess drooping skin, or have sunken cheeks and a sagging jawline, you are likely a good candidate for a custom facelift in Lincoln. When planning your surgery, Dr. Harbison will evaluate several factors, including your skin type, neck and facial structure, and fat distribution.

This procedure is not restricted to those who are 50, 60, or older – it is the definitive facial treatment for women and men who choose to smooth away the years in a dramatic way.

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Dr. Harbison Discusses his Facelift Procedure at Omaha Face

Types of facelift procedures at Omaha Face

Facelift surgery must be custom-tailored to match your individual needs to achieve the most natural-looking outcome. There are several types of surgical approaches,  including but not limited to:

Mini facelift

  • A mini facelift is best suited for patients with less extreme facial sagging in the mid to lower facial area. This approach involves a small incision hidden around the ear. This technique involves a shorter recovery time but is not appropriate for those who have visible sagging along the jawline or lower neck

Deep plane (extended) facelift

  • This advanced procedure restores a youthful, sculpted jawline, neck and resolves sunken, sagging cheeks all in a single procedure. The incision is hidden around the ear and hairline. Both the skin and deeper tissues are elevated and tightened in a more youthful position. When addressing the neck and submental region, conservative liposuction is done to obtain a better contour.

Neck lift

  • A neck lift involves minimal surgical intervention in the facial tissues. This procedure is designed to establish a smooth contour of the neck muscles and tighten loose, sagging neck skin.

Midface lift

  • A midface lift addresses the tissues higher on the face. The surgery is often performed through an incision through the lower eyelid. The end goal is to create a vertical lift to the cheek. This approach may be ideal for those with a lower cheek fat pad and who would also benefit from lower eyelid skin and fat pad correction in one surgery.

In addition to the variations of facelift surgery at Omaha Face, we offer an array of aesthetic treatments that are often combined with the surgery to enhance the beauty of the results. Facial fat grafting, laser resurfacing, and submental liposuction (double chin fat removal) may be combined to achieve the best results from a facelift.  

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Deep plane facelift

In the past, a facelift involved removing excess skin and pulling the skin back – which led to an obvious, pulled, unnatural look. Recent advances in surgical techniques have led to a far superior approach, called a deep plane facelift. This procedure focuses on adjusting the underlying facial muscles and fat to rejuvenate and revitalize, rather than simply tightening the skin.

Addressing the underlying facial structure to restore a refreshed, youthful look achieves an outcome far more natural in appearance. The results from a deep plane facelift typically outlast the outdated facelift methods of the past. This is a result of addressing what is called the “superficial muscular aponeurotic system,” or SMAS. This underlying layer of tissue gives the face its structure. With aging, the fibers stretch and droop. The SMAS addresses both this tissue and excess facial skin to create the most natural-looking, refreshed results.

Omaha Face: Where you can expect superior results.

When you choose Dr. Harbison for your facelift in Omaha, your facial rejuvenation surgery will be performed by an acclaimed, double board-certified plastic surgeon.

His experience, knowledge, and meticulous surgical approach produce results that look very natural, refreshed, and look like you, just younger. Dr. Harbison is a specialist in face and neck surgery who has established a private boutique practice. He performs strictly customized treatment plans.

Beyond the exquisite results for which he is known, Dr. Harbison profoundly believes that every patient deserves a stress-free journey to beauty, and every member of his team is warm, caring, and committed to you as an individual. You will be cared for throughout the entire process, from soothing any pre-surgery jitters to guidance and support throughout the recovery. Our state-of-the-art, AAAASF accredited surgical facility provides you with the highest standards of patient health and safety, along with discretion, privacy, and personalized care. 

How long does the recovery take for a facelift?

The recovery time is different for every patient and depends on the extent of the surgery. A mini-lift (appropriate for younger patients) involves about one week of downtime, with minimal swelling and bruising. A deeper facelift for patients with more advanced aging will involve a longer period of swelling and bruising. Follow-up appointments take place in the early stages of healing to ensure your recovery is swift and proceeding as it should.  The sutures are removed in about one week. Pain and discomfort are usually fairly tolerable and easily controlled with pain medication.

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