Kybella Omaha

What is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable drug that is used to treat excess fat under the chin. It works by chemically dissolving your body’s fat in the region. As the body breaks this down, and removes the fat, the skin gradually shrinks down (as it would with weight loss).

Where can it be injected?

Right now Kybella is only approved to be placed in the submental fat. This addresses the so-called “double chin”. It is likely that the indications will grow with more research.

What does treatment involve?

Treatment with Kybella is done in the office. Topical icepacks can be applied to the neck to help anesthetize the skin. The anatomic landmarks of the neck are carefully identified and marked. Next, the area to be treated is marked with a temporary skin grid to help injection planning over the entire treatment area. A small amount of Kybella is then injected into the subcutaneous fat over the entire treatment area. After the injections, ice is applied to the area to minimize discomfort.

What is the recovery like?

Because Kybella is injected with a small needle, there is no incision or wound care. There is some swelling and firming up of the tissue, which can last up to a week. Generally this feeling is more noticeable to the patient than it is visible to others.

How many treatments will I require?

The number of treatments largely depends on your anatomy, amount of fat tissue, and individual response to the Kybella. Three treatments is a rough minimum for patients with mild fullness. These are typically spaced 1 month apart.

How much does a Kybella cost?

Treatment with Kybella is based on the number of vials needed. The cost per vial at our practice is $600/vial.