Anti-Aging Omaha

Anti Anging Procedures in OmahaAs we age there are a number of changes that occur in the face. These changes are what allow us to subconsciously approximate a person’s age within seconds. The quality of the skin changes, resulting in decreased elasticity, increased wrinkles and folds. Sagging of the brows, excess eyelid skin, jowl formation, and excess skin under the neck are all part of decreased skin elasticity. Additionally chronic UV radiation exposure can lead to increased melasma and sunspot formation.

Another crucial aspect of the aging process is related to subcutaneous fat volume and distribution. Reduction in the volume of fat combined with sagging of fat pads lead to several hallmarks of aging. Examples include hollowing in the temples, development of lower eyelid bags, deepening of the nasolabial folds (smile lines), thinning of the lips, and others.

Lastly, the activity of the underlying muscles of the face and neck contribute to the signs of aging. Examples include frown lines between the eyes, smoker’s lines around the lips, and prominent neck bands.

At Omaha Face, we take all of these factors into consideration to come up with a treatment plan that yields natural, restorative results. Common anti-aging procedures to address these changes include: