Do you feel annoyed with people asking you if you’ve had enough sleep or telling you that you look tired? As you grow older, your eyebrow skin may start to droop, giving you a more tired and unapproachable appearance, even when you’re feeling perfectly fine. People who are concerned about a heavy, tired appearance caused by a low-set eyebrows are great candidates for a brow lift.

A brow lift is a surgical procedure designed to elevate the resting position, and shape of one’s eyebrows. The primary objective of the surgery is to give the patient a less tired appearance that looks alert, youthful, and beautiful. The procedure requires some time off work, but rest assured, it’s safe and highly effective.

A brow lift is a great way to give your eyes that alert and rejuvenated look you’ve been wanting. You can begin your journey to a more beautiful you by scheduling a consultation with Omaha Face Plastic Surgery & Med Spa today!