No more fillers, just lovely lips with PermaLip.

If you want lip augmentation but have not had great results with fillers, or if you desire a more long-lasting solution, you may be a candidate for PermaLip implants. This may be a good option if you feel your lips are too small or thin and detract from your overall look. PermaLip implants may not be recommended if you have extremely thin lips, significant asymmetry, or if scarring is present.

What can I expect with PermaLip implants?

  • First, we carefully measure your lips to determine the best implant for you. This includes thickness and width. 
  • PermaLip implants are placed in the office under local anesthesia and possibly light oral sedation. Similar to a dental procedure, topical anesthesia is placed under the lip for several minutes, then lidocaine is injected to anesthetize the lip. 
  • A small incision is made at each mouth corner, and a very precise tunnel is developed for the implant. The implants are placed in these precise pockets, and the incisions are closed. The procedure takes approximately one hour to perform.

Results speak for themselves.

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What is recovery like after PermaLip implants?

As with most lip procedures, there will be some swelling, most significant over the first 48 hours and resolving over the next few days. You may experience some bruising. Discomfort is usually mild and easily controlled with medications, and typically subsides after the first few days. 

PermaLip Lip Implant FAQs

What are the risks with PermaLip implants?

Complications are uncommon with PermaLip implants, but as with any procedure, they can happen. The most common issues are infection, swelling, and some temporary numbness. Migration of the implant is rare.

Can the process be reversed?

PermaLip implants can be easily removed. They are made from a material that is smooth and natural and can be removed without causing significant trauma or scarring. This procedure is designed to be reversible in case you ever change your mind.

Is PermaLip implant surgery painful?

Your lips are numbed with local anesthetic during the procedure. Most postsurgical discomfort usually resolves within a day or two. Your lips may be sensitive to pressure for a few weeks after the procedure.

Will I need to have my stitches removed?

The small incisions made for placing PermaLip implants are closed with absorbable sutures – they dissolve on their own.

Are PermaLip implants safe?

Yes. Although there is a risk of infection with any surgical procedure, the infection rate with PermaLip has been extremely low – less than 1% as reported by SurgiSil, the manufacturer.

When will I see results?

Initially after surgery, your lips will be large and swollen. As the swelling subsides, your results will begin to appear. You will see your final results when the swelling has subsided completely.

What makes PermaLip different from other lip implants?

PermaLip implants are made of an ideal material for the lips and manufactured with surface characteristics that minimize the risk of potential problems, such as in-growth into the lip tissue.

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