Reconstructive Procedures Omaha

Omaha Face offers a full variety of reconstructive procedures to help restore form and function related to congenital defects, facial trauma, cancer treatment, or nerve damage. We use state-of-the-art technology and surgical techniques to help us get optimal outcomes. Some examples of reconstructive services include:

Scar Revision

Whether from previous injuries, acne, or surgery we offer a variety of techniques to help improve the appearance of poorly-healed scars. Common techniques to improve scar appearance may include scar excision, reorientation, medication injection, microneedling, or a number of laser treatments. Often a combination of therapies will be employed to help maximize outcomes. Difficult-to-treat scars may require staged treatments.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

In the United States, 40-50% of patients who live to age 65 will be treated for at least one skin cancer. When these cancers are located on the face, they can present significant functional and aesthetic challenges. Treatment may involve skin grafting, local skin flaps, or larger, staged procedures. Each reconstruction is unique and tailored to fit that patient’s wishes and needs.

Facial Nerve Reanimation

Stroke, Bell’s palsy, and trauma, are among many causes of paralysis of one or both sides of the face. We offer a number of treatments to help restore function to the eye, nose, and mouth that may all be affected by nerve damage. Additionally, there are a number of treatments to reduce facial asymmetry and help restore the smile, eyebrow position, cheek, and the other structures that are so important to emotional expression.